Network Maintenance

Scheduled on 06/30/2019 19:00:00 Status Scheduled Estimated finish 07/01/2019 03:00:00

Maintenance Notification

Dear Valued Customer,

A switch upgrade has been scheduled for Sunday, June 30th that will affect your services with ManagedWay. We understand the challenges this may present and are working to minimize any disruption to your service. The details of the planned maintenance are listed below along with the location and planned impact timeframe. This maintenance will only affect colocation customers in shared areas (tower server and single-server areas) at 319 Executive Drive in Troy, MI (TYM1). Please contact our helpdesk if you experience any issues with your service after the end of the maintenance window.

Location: Troy, MI (319 Executive, TYM1)
Start Date: Sunday, 2019-June-30 7:00 PM
End Date: Monday, 2019-July-1 3:00 AM
Work Window: 8 Hours
Affected Clients: Tower and single-server customers in shared colocation areas

Best Regards,

ManagedWay Network Engineering

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Incident Notification - TYM1 Utility Power Outage

Scheduled on 06/25/2019 16:11:00 Status In-Progress Estimated finish 06/25/2019 19:30:00

Data Center TYM1 has experienced a loss of utility power. The UPS units successfully protected critical loads during transition to generator power. The site is currently running on backup generator power.

No impact to services is anticipated.

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Maintenance Notification – TYM1/TYM2

Scheduled on 06/05/2019 00:00:00 Status Scheduled Estimated finish 06/06/2019 00:00:00

Dear Valued Customer,

Please see the below maintenance notification:

Location: TYM1/TYM2
Floor(s)/Suite(s): 1st Floor

Start Date: 2019-06-05 8:00 Eastern Time
End Date: 2019-06-06 16:00 Eastern Time
Work Window: 8.00 Hours

Status: Scheduled
Risk: Low
Maintenance Type: Scheduled Maintenance
Reason for Work: Annual Generator Load Bank Test

Description: A Generator Maintenance Contractor will perform an annual maintenance on TYM1.GEN-SKD1, TYM2.GEN-SKD1, and TYM2.GEN-SKD2 over a two day period. A subsequent 120 minute run test will be performed to verify proper operation. This maintenance includes running the generator(s) using an external load bank to verify proper operation. In addition, the vendor will perform a thorough inspection of all electrical and mechanical components.

You may direct any questions or concerns to the below department:

Thank you,

Site Operations
(888) 745-6948

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